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Many people wonder why athletes take Creatine. Mainly it is because it increases energy allowing people to not only work out longer but harder. As we all know the harder you work out the better the results will be. If you can lift more weights your muscles will grow larger and that is how Creatine helps athletes. Furthermore, there is evidence that Creatine enables muscle tears to fix themselves faster. When this process happens repeatedly the muscles grow larger quicker.

Whether you are new to the workout world or you have been a gym enthusiast for a long time our site will help you understand Creatine. Basically Creatine is a combination of three amino acids: arginine, glycine and methoinine. Creatine is stored in the muscles causing them to grow. There are many benefits to using Creatine including: increased energy, power boosting, increasing lean muscle mass and improved strength. Browse our site to see where you can get your Creatine from and start using it soon to see the improvements it can make for your body.